Thursday, April 1, 2010

DIR Hunt Hints....

**These hints were correct at the time that they were done,
the diamonds may have moved since***

1: Alexohol Fashions: Swing batter, batter!!
2. [Insatiable Fashions] : Look down, not up.
3. LacieCakes: Diamonds should be protected, too.
4. Heart&Sole : Lay down and read but only for a moment.
5. :::IrEn:::: : "No one put's baby in the corner"
6. DivaLicious : Let's take a safari
7. Indie Rose : Mirror Mirror on the wall....
8. ALI COUTURE: If you are going to the ball, don't forget your diamonds
9. Viva Poses : This diamond sure is glittery.
10. ALPHAMALE & BLACKLACE : Something might be reinvented, but not this diamond.
11. .:Shush:. : Wiggle, Wiggle
12. Not out but the LM in 11 will take you to 13.
13. aMuse : Twisted Sista
14. ::Trixxy's Shop:: : Are you lucky?
15. Phoebe : Stop for a second and warm yourself up.
16. Snugglicious : Laying in bed, gazing at the diamond
17. ELUZION : Surely this diamond isn't striped.
18. La'Licious Designs: Check out the sign.
19. *ICED* : Slap the board, stay informed.
20. Zahir Design : I'm getting boxed up and ready to move.
21. DYN Clothing : It's no "croc," it is really there, I swear.
22. .:Naive:. : Now isn't the time to sit and read a magazine
23. [-iPoke-] Piercings : Sitting up high just watching the people pass by.
24. ICARUS : The solution to keeping people informed....
25. Deviant Designs : Here pussycat, here pussycat...
26. ROXXSTAR : Hey Jeanie...where ya get your top?
27. FRAMED : No pearl here, but surely a diamond.
28. OHARA : Watch for flying arrows.
29. Kastle Rock Couture : Take me to the first floor, please.
30. Angel Dessous : Don't gaze to long at the fountain, stop and smell the flowers instead.
31. : FluiD Furniture : Don't be a lush.
32. Baffle! : May not be a wishing pond, but there is a treasure.
34. Tropicana Video Rentals : This is one Maximus Diamond.
35. Unique Clothing and Tattoos : Rest on the garden bench and admire the flowers
36. Pretty Stick : Dimaonds on a pearl?
37. ~TIK TOK~ : Don't knock over the group gift trying to look out the window.
38. Magia : My heart is not dripping blood.
39.BELLA'S BOUTIQUE : Diamonds are a Valley Girls Best Friend (No Gift yet)
40. INTERAZZO : Diamond with an attitude
41. *Cailyn's* : Mama Mia that is a pretty diamond necklace.
42. TRoUBLeD ReBeL : Please use the store's hint.
43. Silk Dreams : First comes love, then comes marriage.
44. Dirty Word : Hug that cute bunny.
45. KANDI BUILD : The sun and moon both sparkle like diamonds
46. Fire GOOD!!! : Look at the pretty starburst
47. PASARELLA : Meet my new friend Elle
48. alaMood Boutique : Look at all those cute bags.
49. out of hunt, skip to #50
50. Michigans Shack : Check out the 50L or less store you get a great reception
51. #Before Sleep# : It's a sunny day today
52. Boootiful Creations : Look high, really high.
53. RGK : Come give me an E.. please be an E.
54. Double Shots Photography : Snuggle up on the couch.