Friday, January 22, 2010

Alexohol Fashions Presents-Diamonds in the Rough Hunt

To Follow up on our highly successful Heat Wave Hunt, Alexohol Fashions would like to present, the Diamonds in the Rough Hunt!  Taking place from April 1-30!

Hunters Information:

Need a little bit of shiny gems to brighten up those rainy days? In honor of April's blingy birthstone, Alexohol Fashions is proud to present the Diamonds in the Rough Hunt!

The encore to the Heat Wave Hunt is sure to showcase even MORE of Second Life's hottest designers!

We hope you'll take the opportunty to participate in our hunt, and snatch up some of the shiny gifts from our fantastic designers!

Please join our hunters group, Diamonds in the Rough Hunt-Hunters (group key 9af9d039-3eab-e9a6-03e2-38755ece7d55) For the latest hunt information, as well as hunt help when hunt time comes!

Starting Point:
Alexohol Fashions Mainstore

Vendors, if you are interested in participation, please see the next post

Take off the old, and get ready to put on the shiny, sexy designs from the Diamonds in the Rough Hunt!

We can't wait to see you!

Diamonds in the Rough Hunt Organizers

AlexandraM Guisse
Kylie Krell
Ema Jayaram
Alexohol Fashions