Friday, January 22, 2010

Diamonds in the Rough Hunt-Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in participation in our second hunt, Diamonds in the Rough!

Hunt Rules:
1. Upon acceptance into the hunt, we will invite your designated avatar to the hunt vendors group. Please remain in this group until the end of the hunt (April 30). If this avatar is not your main account, we also ask that you subscribeo to our hunt subscribe o matic.
2. Please update all signs and landmarks as quickly as possible. It is important that sign and landmarks stay current in order to allow hunters a smooth hunt!
3. Please place your object and signs out by the deadlines that will be posted in the group. (walk through times will be released later)
4. Please keep all lms and slURLs current.
5. Please keep resizing of your object to a reasonable minimum
6. No recoloring or retexturing of the hunt object
7. If your store is in a mall, please provide hunt tracks or another way of distinguishing your store from a common landing point.
8. We will be opening up an area for vendors to drop off previews of their gifts 2 weeks prior to the hunt. Please place your object here so otehr vendors and bloggers may preview it. This will only increase exposure to the hunt and your store!
9. Hunt gifts should reflect the quality of work in your store. You are only handicapping yourself if you don't display your talent to potential new customers! Please no freebies, BIAB items, and most especially no stollen or copy botted items (Theese will result in your removal from the hunt, as well as banning from future hunts)
10. Please be respectful of hunt organizers, other vendors, and hunters.
11. Please provide a hunt hint or set out the hint giver prior to the hunt.

*Should you have any questions reguarding the hunt, application, or rules, please contact AlexandraM Guisse or Kylie Krell*

The application is available via a survey website. Please fill this out completely and submit it.

*We will update a post of Applications recieved on our blog, until Feb. 28. At this time, we will publish a list of participating stores. (If accepted, you may be notified prior to this time) Please only contact us reguarding your application if you do NOT see your store's name on this post within 5 days of application submission.

Any other questions or comments can be directed to AlexandraM Guisse or Kylie Krell via notecard.

Thank you for your interest!
Diamonds in the Rough Organizers
AlexandraM Guisse
Kylie Krell
Ema Jayaram